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The Safety Shield

Dr. Bruce Hedgepeth MD’s idea of the protective Safety Shield anti-needle stick device arose out of necessity, ingenuity, and creativity. Those components came together because of a real-life situation he encountered during his radiology residency. He personally experienced the stress of holding a vial of medicine while another person pointed a sharp needle towards him in order to draw it into a syringe. Eventually he became the one holding the syringe and he wanted to provide protection for others. The device provides a puncture resistant physical barrier between the needle and a person’s hand. Dr. Bruce Hedgepeth MD believes this to be particularly beneficial in procedure rooms which may be necessarily dim or when there are times of high stress and tension, limited or tight spaces, or an urgent need to move quickly. These situations increase the risk of a needle stick. The Safety Shield is designed with the safety of others in mind.

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Humanitarian Work

Dr. Bruce Hedgepeth MD has worn many hats in his lifetime. One of those hats involves humanitarian and missions works. His first international experience was during medical school to Baja Mexico. He flew there in a small plane to deliver medical and dental supplies and observe a remote clinic. Medical trips to Ecuador and El Salvador have followed, including leading the first one ever for the I Pour Life Foundation. As a radiologist this stretches him, and he admits he was skeptical to go at first because he didn’t think his skill set would be useful. He is thankful he was wrong. Locally, Bruce has served meals and ministered at the Springfield Salvation Army, prepared ready-meal packets destined for Africa, and helped with the Joplin tornado clean-up effort. Bruce desires to have a positive impact and to be a helping hand. He enthusiastically invites and challenges others to do the same.

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Bruce’s interests vary from the general academic points of medicine to the specific nuances of radiology and breast imaging; from the ideas of new inventions to the thoughts of product and process efficiency; from spectator sports to participation sports and activities; from riding with a pack of fast moving road cyclists to the quietness of a solo ride; or the serenity of fly fishing rushing rivers to quiet trout streams. Bruce considers his vocation and interest in medicine to be a gift from God and he is thankful that he has been able to use these skills and talents in his local community as well as in the countries of Ecuador, El Salvador, and Mexico on medical mission trips. He is interested in making a difference in the world and humbled by the fact that he has had the opportunity to do so.

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